Journal #9

This week, I’d like you to write about a food you hate or are unwilling to try. I’d prefer that you not write about something to which you’re allergic or intolerant. Instead, focus on a food to which you have a strong physical, emotional, and mental aversion. Why do you think you have that aversion? What is it about the food that you hate or that makes you averse to it?

Journal #8

Talk to me about your relationship to Halloween candy. What’s your favorite? How, if at all, did you sort your Halloween candy haul? Did you trick or treat in the same place every year? What non-candy Halloween food traditions did/do you have? You don’t have to answer all of these? Just riff on your food/candy relationship to Halloween.

Thursday Active-Writing Assignment #7

American popular music is overflowing with song lyrics that use food to convey something about love, hate, sex, community, exclusion, race, class, gender — basically as a stand-in for some cultural touchstone. Today, I want you to pick one song that uses food to do this in some way and, in your journal, break down how the song does this. Use whatever resources you want to help form your thoughts.

Journal #7

We’ve read about and discussed comfort food at various points this semester, but for this journal entry, I want you to think directly about it. What do you think about when you think about comfort food? Do you have go-to comfort foods/meals? When you’re stressed/anxious, what food(s) do you turn to? Or when you’re homesick or missing some place or someone close to you, which food/meal do you long for?