Journal #9

Instead of a journal prompt this week, I’d like you to let me know if there are any job/work/life questions you’d like to discuss in class. This is optional, but if you think of anything, leave it here.

Thursday Active-Writing Assignment #9

What do you know about growing food? Have you ever done it yourself? Or helped a parent/grandparent grow something? Worked in food production? If you haven’t grown/raised food, how do you think about the process of growing/raising food? Which lens is most important to you when you think about buying grown/raised food? Cost to you? Cost to the planet? Healthiness of the food? The way it was grown/raised? Its source? Talk to me about your thought process when it comes to sourcing your grown/raised food.

Journal #8

Talk to me about your relationship to Halloween candy. What’s your favorite? How, if at all, did you sort your Halloween candy haul? Did you trick or treat in the same place every year? What non-candy Halloween food traditions did/do you have? You don’t have to answer all of these? Just riff on your food/candy relationship to Halloween.

Journal #7

To what extent, if at all, do you think/care about where — geographically, I mean — your food comes from? If you do think/care about this, why? And to what degree? And for what specific foods do you most think about this? If you don’t care about this, why? As with all these journal entries, there is not a right answer here. I’m just curious how much, if at all, you think about the point of origin of the food you eat.

Reading Response #7

Another sequential reading assignment. Read the following stories in the order listed. In your journal, collect your thoughts as you go along.