Reading Response #3

Your response to the reading below should be in your Journal doc by 5pm CT on Monday, September 18.

For your journal entry this week, you will experiment with writing a headnote, which is simply an introduction to a recipe. While headnotes often focus on the history of a dish or some practical matter related to the execution of the recipe, many writers use the headnote space to write a miniature personal essay. I would define some of the reading you’ve done as an essay-as-expanded-headnote (the excerpt from Kim SunĂ©e’s Trail of Crumbs, for example). And some of the food memories and experiences you’ve written about in your journal could become headnotes for recipes. For your third reading assignment, I’d like you to read this packet of headnotes and this slightly personal thing about eggs.

What do you think? If you are a recipe user, do you like personal headnotes or do you prefer a more practical introduction? Could you think of your first story assignment as a headnote?