Journal #2

On Tuesday, you wrote about oranges without using many/most of the words one would normally need to write about oranges. You’ve read or will read by Monday a couple of pieces of writing, one very orange-centric and the other only loosely connected to oranges. For your first journal entry, I’d like for you to write about a memory involving oranges. (For our purposes, “orange” can mean any of the orange, sweet, tangy fruits related to oranges: clementines, tangerines, etc.) Your journal entry can be a very orange-centric memory or it can be something more oblique (like The Most Human Sound reading). There is no wrong approach. Some of you already took this approach last Tuesday. If you’d like to explore that same memory, just take a different approach. Aim for at least 500 words. And remember, your journal entries don’t have to be fully formed, polished things. The purpose of doing them is to get you started writing. So it’s okay to have gaps, stops/starts, TKTKs.

Due by the beginning of class on Tuesday.