Journal #5

On Tuesday, we talked about the guys who cook in the woods and other food TikTokers. One of my children was obsessed for a while with a cake designer on TikTok. We’ve tried to make a couple of cakes from his feed. (They didn’t look great, but they tasted good.) We’ve also tried a bunch of cooking hacks he’s come across on TikTok, Instagram, etc. (We recently made hash browns in a mini waffle maker — pretty good!) For this week’s journal, I want you to continue this conversation and explore how social media affects your food/cooking habits. How much does your social media consumption influence what you cook/eat on a daily basis? Is social media your main source of inspiration for ideas? Or do you instead know what you want and go to TikTok, etc. for ideas on how to make it? Put another way: Does what you watch have a bigger influence on what you cook/eat or how you cook/eat? (In other words, is it more meal ideas or technique? Or both? Or something else?)