Thursday Active-Writing Assignment #4

  • Go into a gas station or find a vending machine and get something. Bag of Cheetos. Roll of Sweetarts. One Atomic Fireball. Combos. One of those small boxes of Lemonheads or Johnny Apple Treats. Whatever. Some junk food or candy that you like.
  • Find out as much as you can about the origin of that thing you’ve bought. Don’t just use Wikipedia. See if there’s a number or contact info for company who makes it. Call. Write. Do some research. If you’re feeling especially go-gettery, you can even use Nexis Uni or some database from the UA library to look for old newspaper articles about the thing.
  • In addition to (or maybe instead of) the origin of the thing, you could look for episodes throughout history when the thing had a cultural moment. Did a president love them? Or were they on a famous TV show or were they featured on a big Super Bowl commercial or in a viral TikTok? Has Kelis tweeted about them? Etc.
  • Write all this in your journal.